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In the IIIth century, the wearing of a beard was associated with manliness. For Alexander the Great, shaving was a strategic necessity to avoid soldier’s beards from getting caught in hand to hand combat.

It was in the XIIth century where beard care divided into 3 different corporate associations: The Barber, authorized to hold a shop to shave; The Barber-Wigmaker, in charge of hair care in the big princely houses; and The Barber-Surgeon, who was in charge of beard care and small surgical procedures.

By 1850, the barber’s job professionalizes to include hair care. So, all the barbers were trained in the art of hairstyling – although not all the hairdressers were necessarily barbers!

The modern Era put the profession of barber to a hard test, but it gained a new lease on life since the 2000s when the trend demanded that we dedicate a particular interest in the maintenance and form of men’s facial hair. 

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Tel: 514-379-6677 | info@belgardmtl.ca


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